What We Believe

Isaiah 40:28 “Do you not know? Have you not heard?”

  • EE good newsEveryone needs salvation because we have all sinned.
    • Romans 3:10-12, 23
  • The price (or consequence) of sin is death.
    • Romans 6:23
  • Jesus Christ died for our sins. He paid the price for our death.
    • Romans 5:8
  • We receive salvation and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.
    • Romans 10:9-10,13
  • Salvation through Jesus Christ brings us into a relationship of peace with God.
    • Romans 5:1, Romans 8:1,  Romans 8:38-39

A proper response to the free gift of salvation:

Admit you are a sinner.

  • Understand that as a sinner, you deserve death.
  • Believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to save you from sin and death.
  • Repent by turning from your old life of sin to a new life in Christ.
  • Receive, through faith in Jesus Christ, his free gift of salvation.

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